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Lundby 167 Mirror - Swede Collection
Lundby 167 Mirror
66 High 2.7/8 Deep 40.5 Wide at Top
Finish: Swedish Gray and Metallic Gold
Spaniel Dog Mirror - Swede Collection
SC0031 Spaniel Dog Mirror
59 High, 26 Wide, 2 Deep Textured Beige Finish;  Made of Poplar Available with plain [shown] or antiqued mirror.
Trumeau Floor Mirror, SC0017
Trumeau Floor Mirror, SC0017
94" High, 43.5" Wide, 3-9/16" Deep Hand carved; Antiqued Glass; Finish: Textured Creme with Golf Leaf
Sunburst Triangular Mirror, SC0022
Sunburst Triangular Mirror, SC0022
41" Wide, 39" High. Antiqued glass mirror.  Hand carved in solid wood.  Hand applied silver and gold leaf.
Tulka 139 Swedish Candlestand - Swede Collection
Tulka 139 Swedish Candlestand
58 High 23" Wide at Base
Finish:  106 Belgian Tan
Hulds up to 5" Pillar Candle
Bosierie Panel - Swede Collection
SC0035 Bosierie Panel
24 Wide, 120 High
Made of Poplar
Textured Beige Finish
Other sizes available
Mora Clock, SC0039
Mora Clock, SC0039
Height: 96" Depth: 10" Width: 24" Finish: Silvermist with Italian Gold Leaf. German works. Westminster chimes. Steel dial.